Public Information Request


Any person wishing to request access to public records or seeking information beyond the daily scope of the staff of the City of Chariton should make a request to the City Clerk.  Information requested should be submitted on a Public Records Request Form.  The form should be directed to the City Clerk.  Further questions on the process can be directed to the City Clerk at 641-774-5991. 


Request for Police Records: 

The Chariton Police Department records are kept at their office, which is located at 48559 Hy-Vee Road Chariton, Iowa.  The non-emergency number is 641-774-5083.  Chief of Police or designated staff can assist on public records. 


The public records request will be responded to with compliance of the Iowa Code with the official staff or designee and the City will: 

  • Provide the fullest assistance to the requester.
  • Ensure that public records are protected from damage and disorganization.
  • Prevent fulfilling public record requests from causing excessive interference with essential functions of the City. 


Online Records: 

It is highly encouraged to view documents available online before submitting a public records request. 


Prohibitions and Exemptions: 

Iowa Code Chapter 22 provides that a number of document types and information are prohibited from being disclosed or are exempt from public inspection and copying. 


Policy was approved by the Chariton City Council on August 5, 2019. 



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