Permits, Licenses & Forms


The City of Chariton has a Building Department, which handles building inspections, permits, building and nuisance codes, and other guidelines within the city. 


Shawn Werts is the Building and Code Enforcement Officer for the City of Chariton.  

He can be contacted at 641-774-5991 or 


The City of Chariton operates under the Chariton Municipal Code and also follows the for the following Codes for building standards: 

2015 Property Maintenace Code 
2009 International Residential Code
2009 International Mechanical Code
2009 Uniform Plumbing Code
2011 National Electrical Code

Zoning Map - Please note that this map has not been updated with recent changes in some zoning areas. 


Permit Processes:

Steps For Getting Permits: 

  • Download the permit of choice as seen below. 
  • Contact the Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer on questions about the building permit and the project. 
  • All building permits and fees are to be brought to City Hall.  
  • The Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer will either approve or deny the permit. 
  • If the permit is denied, the applicant can go to the Board of Adjustment to seek approval. 
  • The Board of Adjustment has the final say of the project. 


  • Building Permits in the Historical District - All buildings in the Chariton Town Square are considered part of the historical district. Please see the code on the historical district
    • All buildings on the Chariton Downtown Town Square are encouraged to go through the Iowa Main Street design review first. 
    • Contact City Hall about the building permit application. 
    • Submit the building permit to City Hall. 
    • The Chariton Historical Preservation Commission will be informed of the permit.
    • A review of the Chariton Historical Commission will occur of the plans and permit request. 
    • Approval of the design by the Chariton Historical Preservation Commission, will follow with the final approval or disapproval of the Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer.  
    • If not approved by the Chariton Historical Preservation Commission or the Building Inspector/Code Enforcement Officer, the applicant can go to the Board of Adjustment for approval. 
    • The Board of Adjustment has the final say of the project. 


Permit Applications: 

The City of Chariton does require building permits. Building permit cost will vary on the project. For more information on permit cost, here is a list of fees. 




Miscellaneous Forms: