Chariton Municipal Airport

Chariton Municipal Airport

Chariton Municipal Airport is located 3 miles west of Chariton on US Hwy 34. There is easy access to US Hwy 34, US Hwy 14 and 30 minutes to Interstate 35 and 60 minutes to Interstate 80. 

The Chariton Airport features FAA inspected runways, taxiways and lighting.  Hangar rental and is available. The 2,800 foot paved north-south runway and a 4,000 foot paved east-west runway allows the pilot to find the most favorable wind for landing. It is very unusual for a small airport to have a cross wind runway, and we are very proud of this feature.

For information about the Chariton Municipal Airport, please contact City Hall at 641.774.5991 or e-mail


Chariton Municipal Airport History

The first airplane landed at the present site of the Chariton Airport in 1938 on one of the best landing fields in this part of the State.   Using U.S. State and local funds the airport was equipped with an all weather runway, radio, beacon, lights, repair facilities, storage hangers and an administration building.    

 In 1946 the Chariton Flying Club was established by The Civil Air Patrol Flight and others interested in learning to fly.  The main purpose of the club was to purchase a new airplane and make flying available to a large number of people at the lowest possible cost.

 Directors purchased a 46 model Piper J3 Cub by borrowing money from a bank and paying it off by the dues collected from the members.  This method was reused several times.  The Chariton Flying Club of 30 members was one of the most successful and longest lasting Clubs in the United States.

The Chariton Municipal Airport was opened to the public in April 1947.