The following code section is from Chapter 9 of the Chariton Municipal Code for use of fireworks within the city limits of Chariton: 


9.22.010 Purpose.

The purpose of this chapter is to provide for the regulation of the use of fireworks in the City of Chariton, Iowa.

(Ord. No. 909, § 2, 9-17-2018)


9.22.020 Fireworks defined.

"Fireworks" or "consumer fireworks" as used in this chapter, shall mean those items listed or referred to under the definition of "first-class consumer fireworks" and "second-class consumer fireworks" as set forth under Iowa Code Chapter 100.

(Ord. No. 909, § 2, 9-17-2018)


9.22.030 Use of fireworks limited.

No person shall use or explode consumer fireworks on days and times other than July 4 from the hours of nine o'clock a.m. to eleven o'clock p.m., and December 31 from the hours of nine o'clock a.m. until eleven o'clock p.m. The use of fireworks shall be prohibited in the city limits of the City of Chariton, Iowa, in the event that a burning ban has been issued by Lucas County Emergency Management.

(Ord. No. 909, § 2, 9-17-2018; Ord. No. 928, § 3, 12-6-2021)


9.22.040 Penalties for offenses relating to fireworks.

(a)      A violation of any provision of this chapter shall be a municipal infraction punishable as set forth in Chapter 1.30.030.

(b)      Alternatively, a violation of any provision in this chapter may be charged by a peace officer of the city as a simple misdemeanor punishable by a fine not to exceed two hundred fifty dollars, or imprisonment not to exceed thirty days.

(Ord. No. 909, § 2, 9-17-2018)