Lawn Care

The City of Chariton recommends residents to take responsibility for proper lawn maintenance of their property. Keeping our lawns mowed and weeds under control helps keep mosquitoes and other pest away.  It also makes our community an inviting community for our visitors and neighbors.


Weeds and Tall Grass: 

Residents should not allow grass or weeds to grow up past 10 inches in the main portion of the city.  Other locations that are near agriculture or waterways should be no longer then 18 inches. More details on the code can be found in Chapter 6.16


Grass Clippings on the Street: 

No grass clippings are allowed to be blown into the street from mowing of the right of way or lawns. (Please move the mower to blow grass back into the yard or use a bagging lawn mower.)  More information about the code for throwing debris on the street can be found in Chapter 9.12.220.